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Winter Wonderland

It’s hard to believe that last year we had such a white winter with snowstorm after snowstorm. I had piles of shoveled snow taller than me. This photo is from the park by our house in NJ from around that time last year. While I don’t really miss all of the shoveling there is a […]

Newark Lights Part Deux

Another photo of Newark at night as seen from the NJ Transit train (photo 1).

Bird Through the Wires

Another parrot picture. I’m always a little sad to see a bird in a cage. In this instance I suppose it made for a subject that couldn’t get away. The funny thing is with the close focus the bars kind of melt away a bit and he(she?) appears almost out of the cage. Too bad […]

One of Those Days

This is an unaltered photo taken at the San Diego Zoo. I was there with my family when we happened to witness what happens if a duck decides to land in the crocodile (alligator?) enclosure. One side of it is glass that goes down to the water’s bottom and that’s how I got this picture. […]

Wide Open Spaces

The New York area is wonderful, energetic, full of surprises and opportunity. Still there are times when I miss quiet open spaces. Growing up in rural Washington State (go Walla Walla), I had plenty of that, and of course yearned for the bustle of the big city. This picture was taken in Walla Walla a […]

Welcome Spring

We have a peach tree in our back yard that produces these beautiful blossoms before the peaches come. We look forward to watching the peaches grow each year and we also have to fight fungus and squirrels (mostly squirrels) for the right to eat them. I’m looking forward to the blossoms’ entrance and warmer spring […]

Farewell Winter

A little color on a cold winter day a few months back. I like winter but I hope this is the last week of freezing (or close to it) temperatures. Looking forward to 60’s and 70’s in April.


Newark Lights

I teach mostly at night and live in NJ. Most days when I come home it’s dark. My train goes through Newark and these are the city lights as seen from the train (with a bit of photographic artistic license).



This grows in our front yard. Each year it gets razed to the ground and each year it grows back and produces these big beautiful flowers. I believe it’s a hibiscus. Looking forward to a summer that’s as fruitful for me.

Musical Blocks

Cuisenaire rods organized by my daughter into a pattern. According to her “It’s music and it’s a pattern. It goes la le la la la.”

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