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The Vegas Strip

In all its glory, simulated monuments, T&A, bright lights and all.  


No big story here. A picture of a jellyfish from the New York Aquarium. They have some of them in a tank with wonderful light. Beautiful,translucent,graceful animals.

Christmas Tree Bokeh

Getting into the holiday mood with some Christmas tree lights bokeh. If you don’t know what bokeh is, it’s basically the circles of light that get created when an image is out of focus (see link for more details). Normally you see it in the background of an image.

Flip Flops

Some old flip flops lying around in the backyard in Trinidad (image processed a bit to look even older and worn). In the city at least most yards are concrete but people keep a lot of flowers and plants in gardens and pots. Right about now it would be nice to be able to be […]

Chained Dog

It’s cliche but Trinidad is a land of contradictions. There are wealthy people with yachts and servants, there are bustling cities filled with modern conveniences and there are people living off the grid with subsistence farming and have been for decades. This picture reminds me of that. It’s hard to tell what decade it came […]

Puppy Love

There are a lot of dog owners in Trinidad. The leash laws don’t appear to be as strict as they are here. Also it seems as though most dogs eat leftovers and such instead of dog food. A lot of people in the cities have walls or fences all around their property anyway¬†(suburban US style […]

Cocoa Pod

This is where all of that delicious chocolate you’ve been eating starts out. We picked it up off the ground in Trinidad and took it home.


Bugs on the Hood

One day as I was going to get in my car I saw this friendly little visitor. I’ve always thought mantises (sp?) were pretty cool looking. I hadn’t really seen any in NJ but apparently I just wasn’t looking hard enough: (some interesting stories there). It) stuck around for a while and I had to […]


Signs of Spring

Some of the first spring flowers. I hope they survived the snow.

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